Synopsis Korean Drama : While You Were Sleeping

Synopsis Korean Drama : While You Were Sleeping 

Hong Joo's dreams always come true. She dreams of hugging a man whom she has never met and is shocked at her actions. 

On the night of Valentine's Day, she is worried about her mom and hurries home to see her. 

Jae Chan has a dream about Hong Joo. He feels that he must prevent the events of his dreams from actually happening and tries his best to make sure that the accident never happens.

Jae Chan finally knows that Hong Joo is used to having precognition dreams.

She went to Hong Joo after dreaming of her younger brother, Seung Won, becoming a murderer. So Yoon tried to kill his father to protect his mother. Seung Won tried to stop him and help him.

Jae chan and Hong Joo met before the situation couldn't be changed.

Before things got worse, Jae Chan followed Seung Won and Hong Joo improvised to prevent his dream from coming true.

Jae Chan told Seung Won to stay out of trouble, but they kept getting away. Woo Tak dream of Hong Joo getting hurt. He brought Jae Chan to the scene so he could prevent the accident. 

Woo Tak and Hong Joo dreamed about the same thing, but the situation ended up different. They called Jae Chan to turn things into what they expected.

Jae Chan dreamed Hong Joo put insurance cases on the news. To prevent the case, Jae Chan asked Hong Joo to remember the details of the event if something happened, so that he can find it after looking inside his dream.

Hong Joo is anxious whether to go back to work or to help her mother at the restaurant.

When Jae Chan, Woo Tak, and himself start to change the future by preventing events from occurring, Hong Joo hopes that his destiny can be changed. Therefore, he decided to return to SBC as a reporter.


Jae Chan arrived at the scene and found Woo Tak stabbed. He went after Dae Hee and got him. 

Jae Chan is trying hard to make sure Dae Hee is charged with his actions. Meanwhile, Woo Tak stay at Hong Joo's house until he recovers and asks Hong Joo and Jae chan to fulfill his request while he is there.

The murder of Yoo Su Kyung, a former professional archer, appeared and Do Hak Young was accused of being the prime suspect. 

Hak Young is Woo Tak's friend, then Woo Tak didn't convince Young right to turn myself in. 

Jae Chan must be charging Hak Young, but he didn't have enough evidence.

Hak Young is released and will be investigated without arrest. Thanks to netizens' comments, Hong Joo knows the cause of the strange marks left behind on the floor of Su Kyung's apartment. 

Yu Beom is using the media to appeal to the public in Yoo Su Kyung's case.

Suzy - I Love You Boy

Jae chan was shot by Yoo Su Kyung's father, Yoo Man Ho, and was rushed to the hospital.

Hong Joo received the message that Jae Chan sent him before he was shot and realized that they had known each other for over 13 years.

Jae Chan was sent home from the hospital and stayed at Hong Joo's house for two days. 

Woo Tak and Hong Joo dream of Jae Chan. In their dreams, Jae Chan was involved in a case that made him want to withdraw from the prosecutor. 

On the first day of work, Jae Chan had to decide whether to permit or refuse an autopsy on the man who was supposed to donate his organs.


Jae Chan accused Moon Tae Min over murder everyone disagrees.

He has to prove that Lee Hwan is didn't die because of organ transplants, but Yu Beom has a strong argument that Jae Chan can't beat. 

Meanwhile, Moon Sun wants to keep Jae Chan away from Hong Joo because he doesn't want to see Hong Joo suffer.

Drama Korea While You Were Sleeping - Suzy
Korean Actors from Korean Drama : While You Were Sleeping

Woo Tak and Jae Chan share stories about why they can see each other's future in their dreams.

Hong Joo went to the third criminal division to follow a prosecutor for three days for his article, and Jae Chan worried that he would embarrass himself in front of Hong Joo. While a cellphone thief provides evidence for an old case.

After the arson incident, a flood of task Division of Three Crimes was carried out.

Woo Joo and Hee Min investigated the arson case, and then Ji Gwang and Jae Chan reinvestigated the serial murder of the iv fluids. Hong Joo also started investigating the case. Meanwhile, Yu Beom received a mysterious message from the real killer.

Hong Joo was injected with a lethaaaalll druuuuuggg and lost consciousness. Luckily, Jae Chan came in time to save him. The trial begins and Hong Joo is called to give a witness.

Yu Beom is on trial for manipulating Ha Ju Won's murder. Before the trial, Choi Dam Dong suspected that Yu Beom would go abroad. 

He asked Jae Chan to request a travel ban for Yu Beom. Meanwhile, Woo Takn't decide to take a big risk to help out the trial.


Tittle : While You Were Sleeping

Actor : Suzy, Lee Jong Suk

Episode : 16 episode

Year : 2017


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