Korean Drama Review: See You in My 19th Life - A Journey of Reincarnation and Amazing of Love

Korean Drama Review: See You in My 19th Life - A Journey of Reincarnation and Amazing of Love

Do you believe in past lives or the concept of reincarnation? 

How would you feel if you encountered someone who had passed away, but in a different human form? 

These intriguing questions are at the heart of the Korean drama "See You in My 19th Life." Adapted from a webtoon of the same name, this drama delves deep into the complexities of living with a different physical identity due to reincarnation.

The Plot Korean Drama "See You in My 19th Life" :

The story revolves around Ban Ji Eum, a woman who has lived 18 previous lives before her current one. Each time she is reborn, she embodies a new person with a unique identity. This captivating concept raises questions about destiny, second chances, and the nature of love transcending time and bodies.

Juwon and Seon Ha

In her 18th life, Ban Ji Eum was once a talented young girl named Yoon Juwon. During that time, she crossed paths with a young boy named Mun Seon Ha. As fate would have it, Ji Eum became fond of Seon Ha, and their friendship blossomed into something deeper. Despite her young age, Ji Eum discovered that she had fallen in love with Seon Ha.

"Whenever a life ended, I would say the same prayer, praying that it would be my last life or that my memories wouldn't come back, but this time I said a different prayer."

However, a tragic accident occurred, leading to Juwon's untimely death, and Seon Ha suffered from a hearing impairment. Time passed, and Seon Ha eventually encountered Ban Ji Eum, who was a reincarnation of Juwon. Unfortunately, Ji Eum couldn't reveal her true identity due to a binding agreement of fate. Will Ban Ji Eum muster the courage to confess her feelings to Seon Ha?

Themes Explored:

"See You in My 19th Life" delves into thought-provoking themes such as reincarnation, destiny, and the power of love beyond physical appearances. Viewers are taken on an emotional rollercoaster as they witness the complexities of love that transcend time and how souls may find each other across lifetimes.

The Chemistry and Performances:

The drama boasts brilliant performances from the cast. Shin Hye Sun, portraying Ban Ji Eum, delivers a mesmerizing performance that captivates viewers. Ahn Bo Hyun's portrayal of Mun Seon Ha brings depth and sincerity to the character, making the on-screen chemistry between the two actors a delight to watch.


Korean Drama "See You in My 19th Life" offers an extraordinary narrative that delves into the mysteries of reincarnation and the intricacies of love that transcend beyond physical forms. With its compelling storyline and superb acting, this drama keeps viewers eagerly anticipating each new episode. Will Ban Ji Eum ever find the courage to express her feelings to Seon Ha? To uncover the answers, immerse yourself in this enchanting tale of love, fate, and rebirth.

Discover the captivating Korean drama 'See You in My 19th Life.' Follow the enchanting journey of Ban Ji Eum as she reincarnates 19 times, facing the burden of remembering her past lives. 

With Shin Hye Sun and Ahn Bo Hyun's exceptional performances, this unique romance unfolds every Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 PM. Stream all 12 episodes on Netflix and immerse yourself in a tale of resilience, self-discovery, and everlasting love.


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