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[Tips] How Do You Boost Your Energy Level


Drop energy level

85% of people complain about feeling tired every day.
And not many know how to fix it.
So here are the 4 solutions to combat your fatigue.

Low energy levels can lead to:
• Depression • Short focus
• Less output in work
• Poor health • Higher stress levels
So how do you boost your energy levels?

1. Sleep Cycle
Sleep is structured around 5 cycles of REM sleep.
Each one lasts 90 minutes on average.
• Recovery
This is important for your: • Energy • Memory
If you're using an alarm clock, you probably aren't getting enough high-quality sleep.

The Solution:
Create a wind-down ritual.
Get to bed one hour before bedtime.
Use to understand your sleep cycle.
An alarm clock should be your last resort.
The benefits of a consistent sleep schedule will compound over time.

2. Circadian Rhythm
Your body's energy levels depend on your circadian rhythm.
This is controlled by exposure to light and the hormone melatonin.
More light = Less melatonin = Energy
Less light = More melatonin = Sleep

The Solution:
1 hour before bed put your phone away.
The blue light reduces the production of melatonin.
Also switch off lights before bed time.
This will prime your body for deep sleep.

3. Caffeine Consumption
We all know caffeine is addictive.
But did you know the half-life of caffeine is 6 hours!
If you have a cup of coffee at 3pm,
Your body still has 50% of the caffeine content until 9pm.

The Solution :

Limit your caffeine consumption.
Try to substitute caffeine with water when possible.
Carry a water bottle with you at all times.
Just watch out for the ones with caffeine.
Switching to tea can also be a great substitute.

4. Exercise
Humans are built to move.
But since the pandemic majority of us are sedentary for 92% of the day.
The more you exercise - the greater your energy levels during the day.
Remember anything that costs energy, gives energy.

The Solution :
Move around after each hour.
Go for a walk for 10 minutes every day.
Aim for at least 20 minutes of physical exercise 3x/week.
Make it a regular habit first.
Then start to increase the intensity and frequency.

Summary :
To improve your output you must improve your input first.
• Understand your sleep cycle • Fix your circadian rhythm
These are the most effective methods to get more energy during your day.
• Limit caffeine consumption • Exercise regularly


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